A Functional Medicine Approach for Eczema

If you’ve got eczema, you’re not alone. It is much more common than ever now, and the problem may start with stress, toxins, nutrient deficiencies or gut problems.

So how do we, as functional medicine practitioners, work with people with eczema? First we look at your diet, your stress levels, what you’re putting on your skin. We’ll ask you a lot of questions to make sure we leave no stone unturned that might be behind your skin issue. Then we might begin to investigate further with blood work or other testing methods. But not always. Sometimes changing your diet can solve your problem completely. That’s why I love functional medicine. The most powerful solutions are often simple. They just need digging up and rooting out using investigation.

I’ve had a lot of success putting my patients on diets that are designed for people with autoimmune disorders. Eczema isn’t officially recognized as an autoimmune disorder, it shares a lot of the same characteristics. So for 30-60 days, a paleo-inspired, low glycemic diet that minimizes the amount of carbohydrates you eat, and maximizes the amount of vegetables and fats you eat, can work very, very well. At the same time, I increase my patient’s intake of nutrients that promote skin health, like vitamin A, omega 3s, and selenium. Water intake is also very important. 

The best thing about functional medicine is that it is completely designed to benefit you and your unique lifestyle, habits and situation. So my specific approach to your issue will always be unique to you.

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