Abdominal Gas

Have you noticed that when you have abdominal gas, your clothes feel uncomfortable and it’s difficult to focus on anything but your bloated belly?

It doesn’t matter if you woke up with a flat stomach, something will happen during the day that inflates that belly up again. It can be annoying at best, and downright embarrassing at its worst.

Did you know that there are so many different causes of abdominal gas that it’s almost impossible to identify which one you’re dealing with unless a highly-trained professional assesses your case with a fine-tooth comb?

This is because we’re now discovering that gut issues are very complex. You may have read or heard about gut health and probiotics on the news or online. Have you also read about SIBO, dysbiosis, and chronic fungal infections, and their damaging effects on your gut health?

If not, I’m glad you’re watching this video right now.

I’ve come across countless people with abdominal gas during my work as a functional medicine doctor. Some of them had chronic infections such as Candida, others had an issue called leaky gut syndrome, while others were simply eating everyday “health” foods that they simply didn’t know were doing them a lot of harm.

Want to hear the good news? When they put the action steps I recommended into practice, modifying how much liquid they consume, they were able to feel well again. Otelia was one of them. She says:

A few years ago I started having digestive issues. That is what lead me to Dr Tuchinsky. He did blood tests and prescribed a Detox diet. I found out what foods I had issues with. I have always eaten very much like what was prescribed but the main difference was the medically based supplements. I have no doubt it has improved my health, vitality, mental clarity, attitude, energy levels, digestive system, outlook on life, quality of life and probably length of life, being healthy rather than being old but sick. Who wants that?!

If you’d like to feel slim all day again, and not have to worry about abdominal gas and bloating from this month onward, please get in touch. All you need to do is schedule a consultation below for a free appointment with me, Dr Tuchinsky. That way, we can begin getting you on the road to wellness as soon as possible.

Many thanks for watching. I can’t wait to hear from you.