An Anti-Acne Diet?

You might have come across diets that are designed to fight acne. I’m on board with this concept, as I know how much the food you eat can affect your skin. However, I recommend a very individualized approach. That means it has to be designed for you specifically. Not your neighbor or your friend, or even your brother or sister! That is very important. Your body is unique, and so is everything that has led up to your skin issue.

Yet I’ll let you into a secret. Once I’ve studied you and your health history to determine what the root causes of your problem could be, I always develop a diet USUALLY includes the following:

  1. Healthier oils and fat sources. There’s nothing worse for your skin than hidden fats and trans fatty acids. Yuck!
  2. Supplements such as zinc, vitamins A & E, omega-3 oils and antioxidants
  3. Green tea!
  4. Healthy, yet reduced, carbohydrates
  5. Nutrient-rich, delicious, home-made meals (desserts included!)

Here’s my biggest tip, though, for making an anti-acne diet work for you: WRITE IT DOWN, and then tape it to a kitchen cabinet you can see while you prepare meals. Use it as a guide while cooking, food prep, and when you’re creating your grocery shopping list. 

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