An Inspired Work-Life Balance At Any Age

Whether your working years are over or your work is at home taking care of your family, a healthy work-life balance can transform your life.

I know, it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, even if you’re retired. Yes: I class watching TV and sitting for long periods worrying about something (like money) as “work”. As health practitioners, we know that that’s no way to live. It often involves an unhealthy dose of hard procrastination, which I would describe as work.

Anyway, how can you achieve balance in your life in this area?

  1. Pencil your favorite activities into your schedule (if you don’t have one, start now!)
  2. Delegate some of your work activities
  3. Organize your time based on what’s most important to you
  4. Make time for yourself a “must” (but don’t make it your primary activity, either!)
  5. Ask about company policies: If you are still working, explore how you could get more time off to ensure you balance your life in a healthy way
Great Skin Into Your Senior Years & Beyond

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