Autoimmune Conditions

When your immune system is working well, it prevents you from getting sick, and it helps you feel better if you do fall ill.

But when your immune system gets confused, it can begin attacking the healthy cells in your body instead of the diseased ones. If left untreated, serious medical issues can occur.

There are many different types of autoimmune diseases, like Type 1 diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, they all begin with similar symptoms. Do you recognize any of the following?

● Fatigue
● Troubleconcentrating
● Hairloss
● Skinrashes
● Low-gradefever
● Swellingandredness
● Numbnessandtinglinginthehandsandfeet

Or perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Either way, it’s important to us that you get well as soon as possible. Autoimmune diseases can cause long-term discomfort, and no one deserves to experience that.

At The Florida Center for Functional Medicine, lots of people with autoimmune system dysfunction schedule appointments for a detailed discussion of their health complaints. And when we say detailed, we mean it! It’s essential for us to learn all about what symptoms you’ve been dealing with for us to be able to suggest natural solutions that will specifically help you.

We did this with Laura, who had been suffering with autoimmune problems for some time before she chatted with us. After the sessions she scheduled with us, she said:

“I’ve had type 2 Diabetes for over 15 years as well as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My normal fasting blood sugar has been between 140 to 165 (not good) no matter what diet I tried and no matter how much exercise I got. I’ve been feeling sluggish and depressed. I started Dr. Tuchinsky’s program almost 4 weeks ago and my fasting blood sugar has plummeted to between 96 to 103 after just the first week. I can’t wait to get my A1C checked in a couple of months because I know I will be getting positive results! I was originally very skeptical however desperate for help. So glad I finally did something for myself that has so positively touched my life. Thank you sir!”

If, like Laura, you’re curious what results you might see from trying out functional medicine, please schedule a free consultation with us now. Just schedule a free consultation in the box below, and we’ll look forward to finding out more about your current situation and health history.