Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

You may not need to struggle with your hormones, no matter what age you are. There are so many natural solutions out there that you can use to put things back into balance, and just heading in the right direction can have a massive impact on your health at many levels.

First, it’s important to swap out carbs for healthy fats. So stay away from bread, pasta and cereal, and opt for avocados, coconut oil/cream/milk, grass-fed butter, chia seed, walnuts, and wild-caught salmon.

Second, take adaptogens. These amazing herbs can strengthen and balance your whole body, but they focus on whatever needs the most attention. And they are extremely effective at balancing your hormones, like your thyroid and adrenal hormones, and insulin.

Try out ashwagandha, rhodiola, and holy basil. 

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Dr. Tuchinsky

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