Beat That Cold & Boost Your Immunity

Before I became a functional medicine practitioner and studied health so deeply, I always wondered why so many people get summer colds. I mean, it’s not cold out! And we get a lot more Vitamin D when the sun is shining.

Of course, I soon learned that your body is wise, and it will create opportunities for itself to rest and “clean house”. It does this with every turn of the season, and if you are too busy or stressed or haven’t found the time to detox, a summer cold may come along.

The first step is acceptance. Your body is requesting a little down time, nothing more. And it would love for you to nourish it back to health.

Eating clean, whole foods is the key to a strong immune system. Yet if you haven’t been filling your plate with vegetables and healthy fats and proteins, don’t worry. Here’s where you can make up for lost time. Eat anti-inflammatory foods and those that help with gut health, like chicken and vegetable soups and bone broths. Add lots of leafy greens and ginger.

Also load up on adaptogens like maca and ashwagandha, Vitamin D, zinc and probiotics. You’ll soon be well!

What To Snack On Today

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