Can We Trust Nature?

Recently I got into an interesting conversation on the topic of health and natural food. The lady I was chatting to said that we can’t trust nature because the hunter-gatherers of prehistory only lived to an average of 40 or so. “What a short life!” She said. ”Why would we want to live like that?”

Well, living like a hunter-gatherer isn’t necessary to eat a natural diet and have great health! Science now tells us that those who consume “unnatural food” are more likely to suffer from a host of chronic diseases, from diabetes to chronic adult acne. 

So natural food should be our go-to option. 

Natural food is food that’s in harvest state, if you like. Or as close to that as possible. Fresh. That’s when peas are cut and popped out of their pod. Natural food is unprocessed, unchanged, whole food prepared, and then consumed within a few hours. Meat and fish raised, farmed or caught in an environment isn’t polluted, or laden with chemicals. 

And yes, I believe natural food should be consumed with high-quality supplements. Supplements that come from plant extracts, food concentrates, superfoods and other sources. 

Thankfully, thousands of studies and examples from the results of real people back up the idea.  Natural food improves your health and boosts well-being.

Is that to be trusted? In my opinion: Sure!

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