Clear & Glowing Skin, The Functional Medicine Way

When someone has radiant, glowing skin, it shows! It’s something other admire and notice, but for many of us, it can seem like a pie in the sky. But let me tell you the secret to clear, glowing skin: It’s a clean body. When you have a high toxin load, or lots of toxins in your body, or problems with detoxification, it can show up on your skin as acne, psoriasis, rashes, eczema, or rosacea. Or just that dull, opaque complexion that comes from poor health.

How do I know it’s all about what is going on inside? Well, scientifically, your gut is linked to your skin, and your skin is fed by your blood and by the nutrients you take into your body. Without those necessary building blocks and fuel, your skin just can’t be healthy. 

Examples of this are everywhere in nature. Think about your cat or dog, or one you know. If you feed that dog the cheapest dog or cat food in the supermarket, it won’t have a shiny coat. If you feed it lots of fresh, gelatin- and nutrient-rich meat and fish, it’s coat will start to look really healthy. If your pet gets parasites, it’ll begin to look unhealthy, with dull fur and a sad look in its eyes. That’s because the parasites are eating the nutrients it consumes. You see? 

Here’s what to eat and drink for clear, glowing skin:

  • Lots and lots of fresh, organic vegetables (mostly leafy greens)
  • Pure, filtered water. Fill your glass 8 times per day
  • Chia seed, which helps you stay hydrated and has skin-clearing properties
  • Green smoothies and vegetable juices

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