Detoxification is a process that all of our bodies continuously perform. The key organs contributing to natural detoxification include the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and even your skin has a part to play in detoxification. The problem we face is that our bodies can’t handle the increased toxins we intake through pollution and modern diets rich in modified and processed foods.

Toxins can come from the air, your plate, medicines, what you drink, and even sanitary products like soaps and deodorants. Imagine the chaos this is causing to your natural detoxification functions, and the stress that your organs are under on a day to day basis.

What Are the Key Contributors to Toxic Contamination?

There are over 25,000 toxins present in a range of commercial products, and these are only the ones that come from manufactured goods. Even some natural foods have toxic elements that can cause contamination.

Household cleaners, solvents, gasoline, and paint are all common products that can cause toxic contamination. Even seemingly healthy foods like cassava, bamboo shoots, fish, and fruits like apricots contain toxins.

The point is, you can’t avoid toxins. It may be time to think about a detoxification program that will help your body to clear out the toxins that your organs are simply unable to cope with.

Do I Need Detoxification?

When your body is unable to eliminate toxins efficiently it will provide a number of signs that indicate something is wrong. Unfortunately these symptoms often start out minor, causing some to miss or simply ignore the signs.

High levels of toxicity are often the cause of:

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”right” font_size=”normal” animation=”none” size=”1″]Hormone Imbalance
Joint Pain
Reduced Cognitive Function
Upset Digestion
Allergies and Skin Conditions
Lowered Immune Response
Extended Recovery Times from Illness or Injury[/dt_quote]

You may visit a doctor with one or more of these symptoms, and in many cases the root cause could be misdiagnosed, leading to ongoing discomfort or illness. Only advanced laboratory testing can identify the root of your problems. From this point a doctor can develop a plan to reduce toxicity within your body.

The Process of Detoxification

Many of the DIY detox diets require fasting, and while they can help to completely eliminate toxin intake from food and beverages, they rarely cleanse the body of toxins that have already build up.

When you undergo a medically supervised detoxification program it will be tailored to your individual needs. Unlike an ‘off the shelf program’, your doctor-supervised detoxification will be safe, gentle, and progressive so as not to shock your body.

Detoxification Methods

We believe in the progressive approach to detoxification, because it introduces a gentle path to reduced toxicity, and it’s one that our patients won’t have trouble incorporating in to their day to day lives.

Most detoxification programs should last for around 30 days. This is enough time to cleanse excess toxins from the body while also introducing new habits that will ensure reduced toxin intake in the future.

Our programs will identify particular foods and drinks that are causing you problems, and begin to eliminate these from your diet. Coupling this with regular exercise helps to process more toxins while also strengthening your body and internal organs. Our exercise plans are designed to promote good health without introducing unnecessary stress, which actually hinders detoxification.

Feel the Difference from a Personal Approach

We place your own needs first and foremost. By listening to your personal story and examining your needs and lifestyle we are able to develop detoxification plans that are both successful and easy for you to adapt to.

Detoxification will enable you to take back your feelings of wellbeing with reduced stress, a healthier body, and younger and more radiant skin.

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