Over his 30 years of practice, Dr. Tuchinsky has been a wellness coach to thousands of patients

Dr. Tuchinsky’s passion for nutrition and it’s ability to heal the body has lead him to be his own patient, study the systems of the body, treat patients and grow his own practice into three successful Functional Medicine Centers in Florida . He has always had a deep connection with the healing power of nature.

Dr. Tuchinsky had a very bad gut issue as a child and a teenager, and was not getting any answers from Western medicine. It affected his childhood because his issues with digestion prevented him from leading a normal life. He started to change his diet in his late 20s and saw a big difference. In the beginning, he was forced into changing the way he ate, and it became a choice and a lifestyle later on. On the cutting edge of medical science, he began working with blood and nutrition in the 1980s, before it became a popular health trend.

When Dr. Tuchinsky was first able to help a hypothyroid patient to normalize their symptoms, he had a tremendous feeling and knew that he was on the right path. Helping with brain fog and memory is very especially rewarding to him, and he has a deep commitment to every patient that entrusts him with their health.

Over his 30 years of practice, Dr. Tuchinsky has been a wellness coach to thousands of patients due to his passion for changing lives. He has been a popular author and lecturer and has been featured in print media and local TV.


Autoimmune cases are conditions that are not dealt with well in the medical profession. They are great with broken bones and antibiotics, etc, but when it comes to auto immune diseases, they tend to have less success. Dr. Tuchinsky says that “ the most important thing is making better choices, getting educated on how to eat healthy, learning how to eat, not just what to eat, and also learning about which correct supplements to take.’

With a driving passion as a wellness coach, Dr. Tuchinsky is well known for successfully treating patients with all types of conditions, from newborns to the elderly, from the couch potato to the professional athlete. He is dedicated to getting to the root of your particular problem and prescribing the most effective and appropriate course of care, to get you back to optimum health in the shortest period of time.

To help identify the cause of your problem, Dr. Tuchinsky will discuss your symptoms, any previous injuries, your family health history, and your lifestyle, including recreational and work-related physical activities, including sleep positions, posture, and levels of stress.

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