What does it cost?

During your consultation, the doctor will determine what testing needs to be performed. Every person is different, so it really depends on your particular health problems. More complex or serious conditions will likely require more extensive testing. Each case is different.

What tests are required?

Every person is different. So it really depends on your particular case.

How long does it take to get the test results back?

No more than 2-3 weeks to get all of the test results back and your personalized detailed report completed!

Do I have to purchase the supplements from Florida Center Center For Functional Medicine?

Of course not! Our job is to make sure that what you are doing is working. The supplements we recommend in our office are the products that we have experience with and have been shown to make the changes in the blood work we would like to see. Generally, you can get these same supplements in a health food store or online but you may find they are less expensive through us. Be sure to meticulously check the dosage when comparing prices. You can use the supplements of your choosing but make sure you are getting the correct dosage and most importantly, get re-tested to make sure the supplements are working for you.

What are your office hours?

Monday through Friday – 9am to 12pm and 2pm – 6pm

Can I talk to Dr. Tuchinsky?

Dr. Tuchinsky is available to speak with you about your health concerns. The consultation fee with Dr. Tuchinsky is $225.00. We can set up a personal consultation via phone or one-on-one in our office. To schedule a consultation, please email us, or call our offices in St. Augustine (904) 342-2783, or Weston (954) 895-7896.

What makes you different from other “nutritionists” or “health professionals”?

We use scientific objective testing in our analysis and recommendations and we see objective results.Some of the diagnostic testing we use are blood testing, toxic and elemental hair testing, and food allergy testing. There are a lot of very questionable ‘energy’ techniques to determine diseases and conditions including the many variations of muscle testing. We get our great results because we test and we use objective testing methods.

[dt_gap height=”10″ /]To schedule a consultation, please email us, or call our offices in St. Augustine or Jacksonville (904) 342-2783, and Weston (954) 895-7896.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]