Fight Inflammation With The Power Of Your Mind

I think we underestimate how much our mind can affect our bodies. Yet truth be told, the majority of physical responses are controlled by our thoughts and our brains.

Knowing this opens up an enormous amount of power for you to improve your physical health. You can lower your inflammation levels simply by reducing your stress levels. Did you know that? So if you are stressed today, have compassion for yourself. Research shows that the most compassionate people experience the least stress. 

To boost your self-compassion, imagine yourself as a child who feels just like you do. Go to them and have a conversation with them. Embrace them, tell them it’s going to be okay, and watch how your stress and worry melt away.    

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Dr. Tuchinsky

Dr. Tuchinsky has been “health coach” to thousands of local residents. He has been a popular author and lecturer and has been featured in print media and local TV.