Food Allergies

Sometimes I wonder how many people are suffering from food allergies and have no idea that there could be an effective natural solution within their reach that they’re completely unaware of. Then I begin to think about all of those people who have low-grade food allergies who don’t even know there’s a problem to deal with!

Yes! There are people who don’t get itchy skin, eczema, trouble breathing, tingling in the mouth or dizziness when they consume something they’re allergic to. They may just feel unwell all the time, and not know why.

That’s why I decided to make this video. No one should have to endure the fear that having a food allergy can induce, no matter how small. Spending your life looking at labels and asking restaurant staff if there are peanuts or shellfish in their dishes so you can prevent a potentially fatal reaction must be very annoying. And suffering the consequences of a low-grade allergy that produces apparently-unrelated symptoms is just the worst.

There are natural solutions to your symptoms, but you may not have come across them yet because they’re not widely available and understood. At The Florida Center for Functional Medicine, we take the following approach:

  1. Identifying all of the substances you might be allergic or sensitive to
  2. Design a personalized plan to get you onto the path to wellness as soon as we can
  3. Closely monitor your progress with follow-up sessions to promote your long-term wellness and a life that’s allergy-symptom free

To begin, simply book your free call with me by scheduling a consultation below. Look forward to speaking with you.