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Migraine headaches are a big problem, affecting millions of people and racking up billions in healthcare costs. And, they are hard to treat and very difficult to prevent with conventional medical approaches.
There are a host of preventive drugs — calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, anti-seizure medications, antidepressants, and more – which work poorly, if at all, and are accompanied by frequent side effects. Some doctors are even using Botox to paralyze neck muscles in the hopes of easing migraines.
There is also a new class of medication called triptans (like Imitrex, Maxalt, and Zomig) that can stop a migraine once it starts. Though these have made migraine sufferers handle the attacks better, they are expensive and have serious potential side effects, including strokes. Still other treatments can lead to addiction or dependence. Not a pretty picture. And for many, none of these medicinal treatments work very well or at all.
The problem with migraines is the same one we see so often in medicine: We treat the symptoms, not the cause. But using Functional Medicine I have been able to get nearly 100 percent of my patients migraine free within days to weeks!
Rather than asking “how do I treat my migraine?” the better question to ask is “what’s causing my migraines?” Only once you know what’s causing migraines can you effectively begin treating the cause.
The root cause of your migraine may not be in your head. It may be caused by many other factors and underlying causes such as allergies, hormonal imbalances, Vitamin B deficiencies, melatonin imbalance, magnesium deficiency, chronic dehydration, and more.
My name is Dr. David Tuchinsky, DC and I’ve dedicated my practice to help people just like you, who are at the “end of their rope” find new, scientific approaches to freeing themselves from the symptoms of disease that hold them back.

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My goal is to educate you to help you restore your health and wellness.

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If you schedule a free consultation, here’s what you’ll discover:
  • The underlying causes of migraine headaches that are rarely tested or talked about
  • The biggest mistake conventional approaches make when treating migraines
  • Why you continue to suffer and why your medication is doing nothing to prevent migraines
  • And the steps you need to take today to solve problematic migraines
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I lay out for you the sound, grounded approach I use at The Florida Center for Functional Medicine to identify and relieve the underlying conditions that are actually leading to your problems and perpetuating your needless suffering.
Do you want to find out what you can do to begin helping yourself in an area where relief seems to be in such short supply?
Are you ready to take the next step by gaining the education you need to take control of your health?
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Then I ask you to do this: Call (904) 342-2783 or click the button below to reserve your spot for a free consultation. I encourage you to bring your spouse so they can see why migraines might not be all in your head.
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All the best to you and your health!
Dr. David Tuchinsky, D.C.

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