Functional Medicine: When You’re Sick & Nothing Seems To Help

The technical definition of Functional Medicine is “the science and art of creating individualized protocols to ensure that the physiological functions are operating at an optimal level.”

The way we define it at Florida Functional Medicine is “traditional medicine’s body-systems oriented cousin”.  They’re both of the same family but traditional medicine often fails to address the underlying cause of your worst health conditions.

Functional Medicine on the other hand excels at understanding the root cause, works to correct it, and—most importantly—provides you relief from symptoms that rob you of a normal life.

What Functional Medicine Treats

We see patients with a variety of health concerns. Many of them have tried traditional medical treatments in the past only to be left frustrated, feeling unheard, and  continuing to struggle with painful conditions.

Some of the most common of those conditions are:

–  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

–  Rheumatoid Arthritis

–  Multiple Sclerosis

– Chronic Infections

– Adrenal Fatigue

– Thyroid Problems

– Hormonal Imbalance

– Anxiety/Depression


– Fibromyalgia

– Migraines

Feel better than you have in years—through data.

Our approach is equal parts art & science.

Science. We test everything. There are so many variables that affect your health. Making a guess and basing treatment around that only wastes time (and money). We find that careful history taking, and laboratory testing are the best ways to truly understand a condition.

Art. We get to know you—body, mind, & spirit—to truly understand what approach will work best for your condition.

“Dr. Tuchinsky doesn’t guess. He tests!”

You’re unique. Your treatment should be too.

Our bodies have an amazing power—they can actually heal themselves. They sometimes just need a nudge in the right direction.

With a rigorous understanding of you and your condition, biochemical individuality, and genetic & environmental circumstances,   we develop a completely individualized approach that may include:

– Dietary & Lifestyle Changes

– Supplements & Medication

– Stress Management

– Inflammation Reduction

– And so much more…

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to achieving optimal health. Which is why we spend so much time getting to know you before recommending the right course of action.

At the core of your body is the ability to heal.

Functional Medicine places its emphasis on understanding and improving the functional core of your health.

At Florida Functional Medicine, we work with you to strengthen your physiological processes, treat the underlying issues of your conditions, and restore your health—so you can have more energy, heal your gut, improve your overall wellness, and  feel better than you have in years.