Goodbye, Bags Under The Eyes

Some people are just more prone to puffiness, dark circles, and other symptoms around their eyes. If you’re one of them, I’ve got you covered here.

My tips:

  1. Change the type of salt you consume to sea salt or Himalayan salt. And if you consume a lot, cut down as it can cause fluid retention and puffiness. Try adding more celery instead.
  2. Get yourself to a yoga class to learn how to do inverted poses, like shoulder stands. These simple poses help increase circulation to the face so your body can carry away excess fluid.
  3. Limit or eliminate alcohol and cigarettes, for good. They are incredibly dehydrating.
  4. Use a natural eye cream and mineral-based concealer
  5. Use a cold compress each morning, or cucumber rounds to tighten the whole area.
Cabin Fever

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