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Current Research Is Showing Over 90% Of Thyroid Challenges Are AUTOIMMUNE (Hashimoto's)!


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    Weight Loss Resistance | Fatigue | Thinning Hair | Headaches | Constipation

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    MOST People Who Have Thyroid Problems Are NOT Getting The Proper Treatment!

    Are You Struggling With?

    Weight Loss Resitance
    Morning Headaches
    Sensitivity To Cold Weather
    Dry or Brittle Hair
    Thinning Hair
    Itchy Dry Skin
    Chronic Digestive Problems

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    Are You On Synthetic Thyroid Medications And STILL Experiencing The Above Symptoms?

    Upwards Of 90% Of Low Thyroid Challenges Are AUTOIMMUNE In Nature (Hashimoto's)!

    However, MOST doctors ignore or don't test the immune system component! They simply put you on synthetic thyroid medications (FOR LIFE).

    Meanwhile, you still may be suffering from low thyroid symptoms (hair loss, fatigue, weight loss resistance etc.)...because the ROOT CAUSE was never fixed! 

    You MUST test to determine what "path" to go down! 

    The thyroid path OR the autoimmune path! The treatments are vastly different! 

    Our Approach Is Unique & Different!
    We Don't Guess...We Test!

    Let's say, for example, you ARE one of the 90% who has the autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto's)...

    We MUST address and take the stress off the IMMUNE SYSTEM! We do that via food testing! You see, your immune systems reacts to ALL foods you consume. Some good. Some not so good! But we test roughly 100 foods to determine exactly how your immune system reacts...and we provide you with an acceptable "master food list" that your immune system likes! 

    Make sense?


    Above is an example food test report (graph) so we know exactly what foods to remove, for how long, and how to re-introduce! 

    By "Food Testing" you are: 

     Reducing Overall INFLAMMATION

     Giving The IMMUNE SYSTEM a Break

     Giving The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM a Break

    We may also test for nutrient deficiencies. Research also shows a correlation between deficiencies and thyroid dysfunction. 

    The key thing to understand is this. We don't just "mask the symptom" with a drug that you'll be on forever. We do some simple testing (in-office) that tell us A LOT of information about how you're FUNCTIONING. From there we can develop a NATURAL plan of attack! 

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    Dr. David B. Tuchinsky D.C., PLLC

    With a driving passion as a wellness coach, Dr. Tuchinsky is well known for successfully treating patients with all types of conditions, from newborns to the elderly, from the couch potato to the professional athlete. He is dedicated to getting to the root of your particular problem and prescribing the most effective and appropriate course of care, to get you back to optimum health in the shortest period of time.

    To help identify the cause of your problem, Dr. Tuchinsky will discuss your symptoms, any previous injuries, your family health history, and your lifestyle, including recreational and work-related physical activities, including sleep positions, posture, and levels of stress.

    Over his 30 years of practice, Dr. Tuchinsky has been a wellness coach to thousands of patients due to his passion for changing lives. He has been a popular author and lecturer and has been featured in print media and local TV.