My Patients Are Taking Cold Showers!

This career is so rewarding. And surprising!

Over this last year, some of my patients have asked me how they can get extraordinary health results without spending any more money. And depending on the patient, my answer has often been “Take cold showers!” And to my surprise, many have taken my advice and really love it! It’s not that I didn’t expect them to take my advice. I’m blessed with patients who value my expertise very highly. It’s just that most people see taking a cold shower as a type of cruel torture.

However, I don’t recommend taking a cold shower the first time you try it! Haha!

No, no. Go for 30 seconds of a cooler temperature after you’ve had a nice warm shower. Then decrease the temperature a little bit each time you do it. Begin today. Like many of my clients, I know you’ll love the feeling it gives you, and the wide range of health improvements. 

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