Obesogens: Substances That Lead To Weight Gain & Obesity

You know that a bad diet and no exercise will lead to weight gain. But did you know that certain types of artificial chemicals are also connected to weight gain. They’re called obesogens, and you might be consuming them by mistake!

They’re often found in food, water, and the everyday things we use. You can’t avoid all of them, but you can do a lot.

Look out for:

  • Phthalates: Found in containers, cosmetics, toys, sunscreens, and detergents. To avoid them, use glass storage containers, and buy eco cleaning products and beauty products)
  • BPA: Don’t buy water in plastic bottles that aren’t BPA-free
  • PCBs: Found in tap water. Filter your water!
  • Atrazine: Ditto!
  • Cigarette smoke: Get support to quit, and be sure to avoid second-hand smoke

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