One Simple Way to be Happier

There are many benefits to this little trick for both your body and your mind. What is it? Gratitude. It’s linked to reduced depression, anxiety but also a boost in overall well-being, kindness, physical health, and the satisfaction you feel in relationships. 

Gratitude is being thankful. While it can feel challenging to try to make yourself feel grateful when you don’t feel thankful at all, have faith. Doing this can be as easy as writing down several things daily in a journal that you’re thankful for. It can mean expressing your appreciation to your family members or friends that they are in your life. By writing them emails, letters or complimenting them. For you, it might mean praying and meditating on what you love about your life, no matter how small. Or it could be making an effort to bring things to mind each day that make you feel warm, happy, and good. Try doing this for five minutes today.

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