Sleep Issues And Insomnia

There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to sleep. Starting your day after a bad night’s sleep, or no sleep at all, can feel like downright torture–especially when there seems to be no logical reason behind it.

Insomnia comes in various forms. You might have difficulty falling asleep once in bed. You might wake up during the night, or you might wake up while it’s still dark outside and struggle to fall asleep again.

A lack of sleep can lead to irritability, depression and anxiety. It can also increase the likelihood that you’ll make errors during your day, or heaven forbid, get into an accident.

The simple fact is: no one deserves to go about their day tired, sleepy and unrested. If that’s you, please understand that it’s not your fault. Most people just aren’t aware that there’s a natural solution that can help them sleep.

But we know different: Functional Medicine is a root cause-focused approach to whole-body healing that has a very wide range of applications.

At The Florida Center of Functional Medicine, we regularly come across patients that simply don’t sleep well on a regular basis. To address their symptoms in a personalized way, we’ve used tools like:

● Comprehensivelaboratorytesting
● Optimizingspecificnutrientlevels
● Effectivenaturalinsomniamedicines

We understand that you’ve probably tried many different natural remedies to help you sleep. But have you had your health history analyzed during a detailed discussion of your current situation?

Let’s get you sleeping better. Schedule a free consultation today by clicking on the link below this video. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.