The Digestive System

The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of prescription medications every year. Contrary to common popular assumptions, the bulk of these prescriptions are not intended to fight anxiety, depression, or pain-related ailments. The vast majority of prescription medications are designed to deal with digestive system troubles.

The Complexity of the Digestive System

The human digestive system is very complex. All the organs that comprise the digestive system must work in concert and harmony in order to ensure provide the body with the fuel and nutrients necessary for survival. The human body, however, does not always work as smoothly are one wishes.

Problems of varying degrees of severity do arise and the digestive system is hardly immune from problems. Taking immediate steps to address specific problems is definitely a wise strategy. Whether the affliction is a major or minor one, you do want to be made aware that an issue exists. As always, seeking treatment for a condition at the earliest stage generally increases the likelihood of successfully alleviating things.

Ten Serious Signs

How can you tell if something is wrong and you should undergo treatment? There are ten signs that could very well indicate a problem exists.

  • Two of the signs of trouble being present with the digestive system occur after eating. If you feel tired after a meal or if you are still hungry not too long upon finishing a meal, then the chances are you might have a digestive problem.
  • Do you feel any issues with pain in the abdomen? Sure, there are a lot of possible causes for abdominal pain. Digestive problems are among them.
  • Pain can spread to other areas as well. Are you experiencing minor headaches or migraines? Surprisingly, the digestive system could be the root cause of the trouble.
  • Are you someone who brushes your teeth regularly and takes oral hygiene very serious yet you still suffer from chronic bad breath? The digestive system is possibly the culprit.
  • The teeth are not the only area of the body that can be mysteriously affected by digestive problems. Your skin could also experience the less than desirable manifestations of yellowing, acne, and excessive dryness. Connecting skin woes to the digestive system is definitely not something most people are prone to do even though an actual connection potentially does exist.
  • Bizarre white lines could show up on both the teeth and the fingernails. Again, these are mysterious signs that are not necessarily all that mysterious. The culprit could be the digestive system.
  • One of the least-expected side effects of digestive problems is hair loss. Experiencing unexplained hair loss should prompt you to visit the doctor right away.
  • The presence of undigested food in the stool is never a good sign. A medical condition is the likely culprit.
  • Has it become impossible to lose weight despite all your best efforts in improving your diet and exercising more? Take this as another digestive red flag.

The Digestive System Does More Than You Think

One reason so many are surprised that a wide variety of maladies can originate in the digestive system is that people outside of health care fields do not understand the physiology of it. Nutrients provide fuel, energy, and support to the entire body. Nutrients, of course, come from food and drink both of which enter through the digestive system prior to being distributed to the organs, bones, joint, nervous system, and so on.

Since most people do not realize this, they do not make the connection between the digestive system and any maladies they may be facing.

To ensure your health is adequately cared for, it would be best to undergo an annual digestive examination and checkup. Doing so ensures the detection of any previously unknown digestive issues and allows you to be treated for it.

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