The Importance of Living Together

Lockdowns have made us all aware of the effects of loneliness. Did you feel lonely this year? Did you wish you had a member of your family closer to you? And did it feel amazing to visit them once you were able to?

In Sweden, there is a new social experiment called collective living where they embrace homes that contain more than one generation. It gave the people there the opportunity to live in a four-floor refurbished retirement home, where over half were over 70 years old, and the rest were between 18 and 25. They signed a contract saying they needed to spend at least two hours per week socializing with their neighbours. They could do organized group activities like gardening groups, cooking classes, painting and yoga, and there were lots of space to explore new hobbies and activities together. Would you like to live in a place like that if you had enough space to also enjoy quiet time and rest?   

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Dr. Tuchinsky

Dr. Tuchinsky has been “health coach” to thousands of local residents. He has been a popular author and lecturer and has been featured in print media and local TV.