There’s a Secret World in Your Mouth!

I’m always busy researching health so I know what solutions I can share with you. I try to find the ones that will benefit you the most while being the easiest to start using. 

Recently, I’ve been reading about the progress scientists are making in the area of your oral microbiome. This secret world is full of bacteria and other types of little bugs that live in your mouth. It is very important to find out what’s in there because it gives us a lot of information about what is happening in other parts of your body.

However, the microbes in your mouth also play a role in digestion, metabolism, blood pressure regulation and keeping your teeth in great shape. 

You know there’s imbalance in this microbiome when you have increased plaque on your teeth that is thick, sticky, smelly or off-white. Or it forms a film on your teeth in the morning. Bad breath, bleeding gums and receding gums, sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers, gum disease and even respiratory infections and heart disease and stroke are all signs that something isn’t right in there. To take care of this important ecosystem for health:

  1. Floss and brush your teeth with natural toothpaste
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals in dental hygiene products, including:
    1. Sodium lauryl sulfate
    2. Sodium fluoride
    3. Triclosan
    4. Artificial sweeteners
    5. Artificial color dyes, often made from coal tar!
    6. Propylene glycol
    7. Diethanolamine (DEA)
    8. Microbeads (tiny solid plastic particles)

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