Thyroid Problems: What To Do?

I often get asked this question: Can thyroid problems be healed naturally? And while my answer is often, “It’s possible.” This is a complicated question to respond to because there are so many different causes at play behind thyroid problems. Here are some general tips for supporting thyroid health that can help you heal your thyroid:

  1. Start taking turmeric and resveratrol
  2. Do an elimination diet to help heal underlying gut problems
  3. Clear excess hormones by supporting detox and methylation pathways with B vitamins and milk thistle
  4. Eat foods high in vitamin C, like lemons, kiwis and cucumbers
  5. Get enough selenium with shellfish and Brazil nuts
  6. Avoid eating too many cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage
  7. Add sea vegetables to your diet: Dulse, nori and arame are wonderful examples

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