Water Filters

It’s so good to filter your drinking water. So good.

You might be thinking: Dr. T, isn’t drinking water enough? 

Well, it’s very good that you’re drinking water. I can’t fault you there, I really can’t! And, yes, tap water is treated, but it doesn’t get thoroughly filtered or treated to make sure it flushes your whole body as it should. 

Are those almost invisible substances harmful? Oh yes! You see, the more heavy metals and other contaminants it contains, the less energy your body can focus on healing. It gets busy clearing out all the impurities that are coming in with the water you drink! 

All you’ll need to do is invest in a heavy-duty carbon filter. One that removes particles that are 0.8 microns or smaller. If you want to go one step further get a whole-house filter to make sure your skin doesn’t absorb those toxic chemicals when you wash, do laundry, etc. 

People who filter the water they bathe in often say they see an improvement in the condition of their skin and hair once it’s installed.

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