We’re Making Amazing Progress

I love how quickly we’re making progress in nutritional science and medicine this decade. Have you noticed how we’ve picked up pace?

We now know that the good bacteria that live on your skin are linked to the good bacteria living in your gut. We know that Vitamin D is a hormone! 

It can sometimes feel like we’re stepping back in nutrition. I mean, the advice out there is confusing. One expert says one thing. Another says the opposite! And when a health crisis appears on the scene. It can make us feel like we’re not making any progress at all.

So I hope you find some comfort in this: To date, we’ve encountered about 100,000 human diseases. And 1) we’re still here! And, 2) thousands of practitioners and scientists around the world are working hard to help you beat health issues. Everything else “be what it may.” We’re still here and we’re still cheering you on, supporting your best health and appearance. Here’s to even more amazing progress.

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Dr. Tuchinsky

Dr. Tuchinsky has been “health coach” to thousands of local residents. He has been a popular author and lecturer and has been featured in print media and local TV.