Your Home Is Your Sanctuary, Cleanse It

We all go about cleaning our homes, but we often don’t realize how many toxic substances are hanging around in there.

The first and most important way we can make sure it’s safe for us to spend many wonderful hours there safely and healthfully, is to find natural alternatives to your chemical cleaning products. They’re just not good. Use baking soda and white vinegar. Also look at your pet care products!

Next, move to the kitchen and cleanse your space of plastic cookware and containers. And certainly look for an alternative to non-stick pans. Invest in one or two ceramic skillets to replace them.

As you go into your bedrooms and other rooms, think fresh air first. Open windows and keep them open as much as you can. And when it is time to replace furniture and other items for your home, opt for those that are made from natural materials. Synthetic materials can produce a toxic gas that you breathe right in.

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