10 Overlooked Causes of Infertility

Unfortunately, there are plenty of couples in the United States that are unable to conceive.  One in ten couples is unable to conceive, and the problem gets worse as these couples get older.  This is a problem that many different couples have, and they come from all walks of life.

One of the main things that couples realize is that, many times, infertility is something that you can change or affect.   Things such as diet, lifestyle, exercise and environment can greatly impact the ability to conceive.  It is about decisions and choices that you make, and how they affect your body’s overall health. Also, understand that it is important to determine what is causing your infertility.  Many couples have emotional or physical conditions that make it hard to conceive.

Determine what can be done to heal your body and make it better.  This will increase your chances of getting pregnant.  Many times this is just a matter of knowing the culprits that can cause infertility.  The following are ten overlooked causes of infertility:

Thyroid Disease

Many doctors don’t perform this test on a regular basis.  It is very often overlooked.  Symptoms of a bad thyroid include weight gain, a low libido, irregular periods, low motivation, a compromised immune system and depression.  Get tested and understand that it might take more than one test since thyroid levels greatly fluctuate.

A Lack of Female Cycle Mapping

Mapping out your cycle is one of the best ways to tell why your cycle is out of balance.  You can see how the hormones fluctuate during the month, which will give you a better opportunity for conception.   Also, it will tell if your organs are reacting to the right types of stimuli, which indicates whether or not you may have to correct your hormonal patterns.

Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a part of about 200 processes in the body, and depletion can cause a lot of things in the body to go wrong.  This is another condition that is never tested on a regular basis.  Boosting your zinc reserves can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Chronic  Stress

Chronic stress can decrease you ability to conceive.  When the body is stressed out, it does not function as normal.  It causes things such as bad indigestion and high blood pressure.  Do things that put the body in a relaxed state such as yoga and meditation.  Rest allows the body to rejuvenate, and this helps with infertility.

A High Carbohydrate Diet

The body was not designed to digest a lot of carbs.  This leads to increased levels of insulin.  High insulin can also lead to PCOS, higher levels of testosterone and hormonal imbalance, which are all bad for trying to conceive.  A low carb diet leads to a healthier body.

The Lack of a Low Fat Diet

A healthy body needs a low fat diet.  Almost 10 to 25 percent of your calories come from fat, but you need the right types of fat to stay healthy.  This is important for both the baby and mother during the pregnancy.  Eat more fats such as butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

An Essential Fatty Acid Imbalance

Fat gives you what is needed to create a healthy nervous system and brain for the baby.  Remove non organic fats from the diet.  Add more fish oil to your body.  This is the kind of fat that is needed for both mother and child.


This basically means that your genes are not working correctly.  The cells do not detoxify properly.  Get genetic testing done. Determine if there are genetic variations that may be the cause of your infertility.  Testing indicates if there are any generic problems that you should be aware of.

Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease

This is something that is often the underlying cause of infertility, but it is usually misdiagnosed.  One in eight people are gluten intolerant.  About four percent of all women with gluten intolerance are infertile.  Get tested and determine if this is the cause of your infertility.

Xenostrogens, Organophosphates and Other Environmental Toxins

Only eat organic foods. This helps with the pregnancy and deters toxins from entering the body.  Pesticides can throw off the hormone system, the gut and your brain.  Detoxify your body so that it does not negatively impact your pregnancy.  Detoxify about three to six months before you want to get pregnant.

The bottom line is that in order for a couple to conceive, they must be healthy both mentally and physically.  If the body is unhealthy, then it needs to heal first.  The aforementioned are often overlooked reasons for infertility.  Fix your unhealthy body. The female body needs to be healthy in order to conceive, maintain a healthy pregnancy and produce a healthy child.

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